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Atlantic City's coveted visitor: The Poker Tourist, Philidelphia Inquirer, June 18, 2016 "Last month, New Jersey operators reported $16.5 million in online revenue, up 32.6 percent from the year before. PokerStars grew the online poker market 30 percent in April, its first month. In May, it had $1.15 million in revenue, down a bit from April."

California Online Poker Bill Gets Unprecedented Support From Growing Coalition, Online Poker Report, June 10, 2016 "The breadth of the new coalition is something we have yet to see in California, and could be capable of moving the needle on this issue... With today’s letter clearly showing wide-ranging support for AB 2863, the legalization of online poker in California has unprecedented momentum."

CA Poker Bill Passes 18-0, All In Magazine, April 28, 2016 "After more than ten years of debate, highs and lows, yes and no’s, California may have taken the state’s biggest step towards online poker legalization yesterday with the 18-0 unanimous passage of Assemblyman Adam Gray’s AB 2863 through the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee."  

PokerStars New Jersey Site Approved by Regulators, Talk Turns to When Online Poker Giant Will Launch in NJ, Online Poker Report, September 30, 2015 "PokerStars has been cleared to make its long-awaited return to offering real-money online poker in the United States.That’s after New Jersey regulators approved the partnership between Amaya, parent company of PokerStars, and land-based casino partner, Resorts AC, an approval that clears the way for the world’s largest online poker operator to return to the U.S. online poker market."

PokerStars Back in United States; Approved by New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, PokerNews, October 1, 2015 "Predictably, the return of PokerStars has inspired a whirlwind of speculation. After an unprecedented review process by the DGE, one that included sworn interviews with more than 70 individuals, has held up Amaya's license since it acquired the two online sites for $4.9 billion back in 2014." 

Lee Jones Reflects on a Successful PokerStars Pro Tour: "These Poeple Just Love Poker", PokerNews, August 12, 2015 "Californians love their poker, and everyone that we spoke to agreed that online poker is something that they should be allowed to participate in. Many adamantly asked PokerStars officials, Negreanu, and Selbst if there was anything they could do further to help the cause, and this was extremely refreshing to see."

California Dreamin’: On the Road with Negreanu for Final Leg of PokerStars Pro TourPoker News, August 7, 2015  "The wheels of the PokerStars Pro Tour have been turning since the middle of July, picking up steam with every stop as PokerStars and its team of star players continue the trek across California to promote awareness and support for legally, regulated online poker in the state. The events have garnered a lot of attention and attracted large crowds, and PokerNews has the pleasure of tagging along with the tour for its final leg to see just how far this movement has come."

Top Card Sharps Lobby for Online Poker in Citrus HeightsSacramento Bee, August 2, 2015  While the battle over online poker intensifies, with key California gambling tribes lining up on opposite sides, Northern California fans showed up to meet and quiz former World Series of Poker champ Chris Moneymaker, an accountant who made history by winning the $2.5 million main event at the 2003 World Series of Poker after earning his seat in a $39 online tournament at

Poker Stars Come to Fresno, Clovis to Support Online Poker Legislation, Fresno Bee, July 31, 2015 Is online poker coming to California? The matter has been kicking around Sacramento for years, but so far it has been a losing bet. The major sticking point has been disagreement among Indian tribes, horse racing tracks and card rooms about who should be in on the action. But this year, there is newfound hope that some compromise can be reached and legislation passed to approve the practice. To help matters along, poker celebrities are touring the state to support online poker.

California, Here We Come All In Magazine, July 20, 2015 "And while ALL IN Media House didn’t know if it would find any ammo when it commissioned a recent survey of 1,500 California residents, spread across the state, about their feelings on the issue, the results can be interpreted as nothing less."

  • "Do you/would you want California to pass online poker regulation and create significant tax revenue for the state?"
  • "RESULTS: 66% Yes, 34% No"

My Opinion of Bad Actor Clauses Changed Thanks to the Viejas Band’s Attack on PokerStars US Poker, June 8, 2015 "The ad in question starts by exclaiming that the “California Legislature should be trying to stop Internet scam artists and conmen.” That is a phrase that grabs a listener’s attention, but I have a hard time connecting PokerStars to that sentence since it paid all obligations to players after Black Friday, as well as every other minute of its entire existence."

"PokerStars is the exact opposite of a conman in the online poker world."

Industry brings in its stars to pitch legalization of online poker in California Ventura County Star, May 24, 2015 "Like many others before him, Jason Somerville came to the capital last week to beseech state government to eliminate an onerous regulation that is keeping him from doing business in California..."

Internet Poker Bill Approved by Legislative Committee Ventura County Star, April 28, 2015 "After seven years of sputtering and false starts, the movement to legalize Internet poker in California achieved a historic milestone of sorts on Monday when a legislative committee approved a bill designed to establish a regulatory framework to make it happen..."

Online Poker Bill Emerges From Committee- A First Capitol Weekly, April 28, 2015 "The Legislature made history of sorts Monday when it recorded its first-ever committee vote on a bill to legalize internet poker in California, but the measure is light on details and remains a focus of intense negotiations..."

Historic Day for California Online Poker as AB431 Passes GO Committee Bluff Magazine, April 27, 2015 "It was a history making day for California online poker, as the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee unanimously passed AB 431, an online poker bill introduced by GO Committee Chairman Adam Gray..."

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John Pappas: Legislature needs to protect online poker players Sacramento Bee, May 3, 2016 "Online poker in California already exists – unlicensed, unregulated and untaxed. Assembly Bill 2863 will protect California players. If the Legislature fails to regulate Internet poker this year, consumers will pay the price."

Steve Miller: Online Poker Can Protect Consumers Ventura County Star, June 6, 2015 "The Star's editorial got it wrong when it comes to online poker in California. There are efforts underway in the state Capitol this year to authorize and strictly regulate online poker in our state. To protect consumers and bring revenues to California, we should be supporting authorizing Internet poker."

John Pappas: Time is right to approve, regulate internet poker Merced Sun Star, April 21, 2015 "California could take a major step forward to provide millions of consumers with needed protections, and to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to the state, by authorizing Internet poker..."

Steven J. Miller: California is running out of time to ante up for online poker Sacramento Bee, February 23, 2015 "After more than six years of debate and deliberation, the time has come for California to finally pass legislation to authorize and regulate Internet poker. It is the right thing to do for millions of poker players in the state and for the state’s budget. And failure to act now could mean California – and every other state – could lose the ability to act at all on this important consumer issue..."


Best Bet for Online Poker: RegulationsLos Angeles Times, May 12, 2015 "The internecine fight within the gambling industry may very well prevent online poker legislation from becoming law. But lawmakers shouldn't confuse failing to set up a legitimate market for online poker with striking a blow against online gambling. A regulated online poker industry is better for the public than the unregulated and illegal games found today in the underground Internet. And more competition in that market is better than less competition..."

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Online Poker Legalization, KUSI News, San Diego July 17, 2015 PokerStars Team Pros give interviews during their first Pro Tour Stop in San Diego.