Today, millions of California poker players cannot play the game we love online, even other states and dozens of countries have authorized iPoker. Authorizing a well-regulated iPoker market in California will protect the state’s poker-playing consumers, support local business, and generate both jobs and revenue in California.

Join us to bring iPoker to California because…

  1. Millions of Californians play poker and they should be allowed to play from their own home in a well-protected, responsible iPoker environment. 
  2. We want California players to be protected. A well-regulated market would ensure best-in-class protection that illegitimate sites do not supply.
  3. We want your money to be safe and know that regulated markets can insist funds are held in segregated accounts, a practice that would allow all players to cash out at the same time.  No such consumer protections exist in unregulated markets.
  4. We want children kept safe and that can be achieved with responsible regulation. Well-regulated markets have proved that using detailed biographical information screens and prevents youth access. No such protocols or protections exist in unregulated markets.
  5. Responsible iPoker practice can and should be enforced through the introduction of strict deposit limits, self-imposed buy-in limits, and the facility to instantly activate ‘cooling off’ periods. No such consumer protections exist in unregulated markets. 
  6. We believe that California regulators should have full transparency into operators’ business practices. That includes making sure the shuffle is true, game-integrity practices are up to date, and players are treated fairly.
  7. We want iPoker play to stay inside our borders and that is possible with innovative geo location technology. Users can be pinpointed to within a 25-meter buffer zone with sophisticated real-time checks that detect attempts to mask location. 
  8. Hundreds of millions of dollars can be added to state coffers which could be earmarked for key state programs, such as schools and public safety. 
  9. We want to create jobs for Californians. A regulated iPoker market could create thousands of jobs for Californians in technology, security and customer services.  
  10. We know it’s good for California businesses. Jurisdictions with a regulated iPoker market report a halo effect for land-based card rooms and casinos thanks to wider awareness leading to more consumers joining the poker community.